Welcome to ShiftWorks...
a creative coworking space in Hoylake, Wirral.

ShiftWorks is an innovative and collaborative workspace for like-minded business people. From flexible pay-as-you-go hot desking to private office space, ShiftWorks is a perfect destination for entrepreneurs, individuals, and companies to work and meet together.

Situated only a few minutes walk from Hoylake train station, ShiftWorks is in an ideal spot for commuters. Combine that with the convenience of local cafes, eateries and gyms, and you begin to see why the waiting list is growing.

The entire ShiftWorks building has recently received a complete cosmetic revamp, including luxury furniture, high tech equipment, and an events space with a rooftop balcony. The workspace offers a creative atmosphere, perfect for impressing clients or simply to boost your own productivity.

If you would like to learn more about what ShiftWorks has to offer, or if you’re interested in joining the waiting list then feel free to get in touch via the form. We’ll be happy to send more information or to give you a call back.